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black bear
Genre: Encyclopedia
By encyclo
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Black bears are not always black. Their coat changes color and ranges in color from brown, cinnamon to black. They have thick coats of hair, large teeth and sharp claws. They have good smelling and hearing but their eyesight is not that good. These animals are extremely powerful. Adult bears average about five feet long, weight around 200 pounds and measure to about two to three feet tall. Which makes them the smallest bears in America. Males are larger than females. Their life span is 20 to 25 years. At age three to six, they breed every two to three years in June and July. Most female bears have twin cubs. They typically live in wooded areas in North America. These animals move through the woods silently. They are carnivorous and eat animals like insects, fish, moose calves and beaver. These bears will also eat other small bears. They also eat vegetation like grasses and berries. They also love honey.

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Published: 2007-01-18 17:36:51

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