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Alexander Graham Bell
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Alexander Graham Bell (March 3, 1847 - August 2, 1922)

Alexander Graham Bell was a very talented man and is most noted for inventing the telephone. Alexander’s father was a person of speech. His dad created an invention for the deaf or people who could not speak right. Therefore, Alex began his studies on speech. When Alexander Graham Bell was a little older, he took up a life of teaching the deaf and using his father's invention. He also was still interested in making a way you could talk and have people hear your voice over a distance. He began his study while teaching the deaf. Bell created many other inventions. He created a wheat husk remover when he was a boy. In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson invented the telephone. Bell also improved Thomas Edison's phonograph. Bell invented the multiple telegraph (1875), the hydroairplane, the photosensitive selenium cell (the photophone, a wireless phone, developed with Sumner Tainter), and new techniques for teaching the deaf to speak. In 1882, Bell and his father-in-law, Gardiner Hubbard, bought and re-organized the journal "Science." Bell, Hubbard and others founded the National Geographic Society in 1888; Bell was the President of the National Geographic Society from 1898 to 1903.

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