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G.I. Joe Christmas
Genre: General
By wats
 2.26 of 5

Kerry is a little boy who wanted a G.I. Joe for Christmas. Christmas was only a few days away. Kerry is extremely excited. He continued to ask his parents for a G.I. Joe. Kerry teased his parents that he would know if he was getting a G.I. Joe by the size of the box.

Kerry and his sister spent the Saturday before Christmas day with their grandparents while their parents went Christmas present shopping. After returning home, there were all kinds of presents wrapped under the tree. Kerry looked over the presents but none of them was the size of a G.I. Joe box. However, there was a mystery gift wrapped like a Christmas tree.

Finally, it is the night before Christmas. Kerry and his sister went to bed early, so that Santa will come.

On Christmas morning, Kerry opens the biggest present first. It was not a G.I. Joe. So, he goes to his stocking to see what Santa has brought. He got a miniature basketball and goal and many other things. Then Kerry's parents presented him with the mystery Christmas tree gift he opened it and it was a G.I. Joe! The base of the tree was the G.I. Joe box. The rest of the tree was just to disguise the present. He was so happy! Kerry thought this was the best Christmas ever.

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Published: 2006-12-25 16:30:50

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