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Muhammad Ali
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Ali, Muhammad (Cassius Clay) - Muhammad Ali's real name is Cassius Clay. Muhammad Ali was born in Louisville, Kentucky on January 7,1942. His parents' names are Odessa and Cassius Clay. He is one of the world's best known boxers. Muhammad Ali won an Olympic gold medal. He later became the heavyweight boxing champion of the world.

His first boxing teacher was Joe. Jr. would not answer to his real name, he said it is a "Salve name". He changes it to Muhammad Ali when he changed religion. He was raised a Christian but now he became a Muslim. Then in 1967, Muhammad Ali was ordered by his draft board to join the U.S. Army. At the time the Untied States had 500,000 soldiers fighting in Vietnam. Muhammad Ali didn't follow the draft order. Muhammad Ali's title was taken away and he was sent to court. He was to pay 500 dollars then go to jail. He didn't go to jail. He later defeated Forman for his title back.

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Published: 2006-12-20 16:26:08

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