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Louisa May Alcott
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Louisa May Alcott, an American novelist, was born in 1832, in Germantown, Pennsylvania. Her parents were Abba May Alcott and Amos Bronston Alcott. Louisa was one of four sisters, Elizabeth (the oldest), Anna, and May (the youngest). When Louisa was young, she loved acting and of course, she loved writing. She and her sisters used to put on plays. When she was a child, her dad owned a school where he taught them. The school was later closed. Louisa was not a good worker but she was a very giving person. In Louisa's later years, during the Civil War, she worked as a nurse. After nursing, Louisa started writing books.

Louisa wrote many different books for children. Louisa wrote Little Women in 1868, which became a famous and well-known book. It was based on her and her sisters childhood. Louisa also wrote many other books besides Little Women, like Little Men and Jos Boys.

In the later years of her life, she became both an abolitionist and a feminist. Louisa died on March 6, 1888.

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