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Alamo, The
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The Alamo is an 18th-century mission church in San Antonio, Texas. The church was built by the Spanish for the Mission San Antonio de Valero, around 1744, for converting the local Indians to Christianity. The date 1758 is carved over the front doorway. The Alamo was used as a church until 1793, when it was abandoned. The Battle of the Alamo: The Alamo played a critical role in the Texas Revolution, a fight for the independence of Texas from Mexico. In the early 1800s, Texas belonged to Mexico. During the Texas war for independence from Mexico, Spanish troops occupied the abandoned building, now used as a fortress, calling it Alamo. In 1836, about 200 Texians and other volunteers including Colonel William B. Travis, James Bowie and Davy Crockett occupied the Alamo. The Mexican army led by General Antonio López de Santa Anna, seized the Alamo after 13 days of battle. On March 6, 1836 all the Texians had died in a unsuccessful attempt to defending the Alamo. The phrase, "Remember the Alamo!" became the Texas battle cry.

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Published: 2006-12-16 16:23:40

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