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Old Fashion Christmas
Genre: General
By avac
 2.53 of 5

Would you like an old fashion Christmas? A few years back my father took my sister and me out in the country. We were unsure why we had to go out on a very cold snowy day. Our dad, with ax in hand, led us out across the evergreen trees. After choosing a nice looking tree, my father chopped it down. The tree was not as perfect as the ones you buy at the store but it was a tall and well-shaped tree.

After getting back home dad put up the tree while we strung popcorn on some thread. I couldn't help but eat some of the popcorn. The real tree was a little messy. My dad got sap all over his hands and my mom had to clean up the pine needles that were all over the floor. After wrapping the string of popcorn around the tree, we began make ornaments with anything we could find around the house. My sister put up the star that she made out of cardboard. We spent the entire mourning decorating the Christmas tree. An old fashion Christmas was different but both my sister and me really enjoyed it. Merry Christmas to everyone.

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Published: 2006-12-05 14:02:44

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