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Desert Survival
Genre: General
By joer
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Josh walked across the dry rugged desert in a deliberate steady pace. He didn't eve stop to look aback at the plane crash he had just survived and walked away from. His light gray long sleeved shirt would help reflect the heat from the sun. However, the black pants he was wearing had the opposite effect. With a single canteen of water strapped to his side on a gray belt, he headed to the mountains in the distance.

After Josh had walked all mourning, the landscape began to change. Clumps of dry grass with small shrubs growing sporadically were a welcome change from the hot sand. It also meant Josh was getting closer to the mountains. By the middle of the afternoon, Josh had reached the outer edge of the mountains. He stopped for a quick rest at the first tree. The small tree didn't bring much shade but it was a break from the sun.

Josh knew he would need to find a spot to spend the night. Locating a small indention at the edge of rock overhang, he began to prepare it for sleeping in. After digging out some of the dirt so he could lay down in it, Josh gathered some brush to use as a door. The night was cold and damp. He was ready for the mourning sunrise.

Josh only had about one forth of his water left. He had hoped to find a stream running along the base of the mountain. Josh headed straight up the mountain resting often and only taking a small sip of water every hour. Several hours into the climb, he finally reached the top of the mountain. Josh struggled up onto a large flat rock and viewed down into the valley below. Enormous cottonwood trees lined the small running stream below. Suddenly he spotted a cabin nestled between two large rock formations. There were people working around the cabin. Relief came over Josh's tired and weak body.

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Published: 2006-12-02 19:40:08

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