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Dinosaur Trading Card Wars
Genre: General
By tede
 2.81 of 5

On a planet where dinosaurs exist, in an area inaccessible to most of the inhabitants, twelve year old Brian Overton and his friend Kevin Walker must get the five triceratops dinosaur trading cards. These dinosaurs trading cards are randomly packaged and the odds of you getting one of the triceratops cards are practically 1 in 1000. These dinosaurs and all the other ones used to be free and roam the planet earth.

Then the dinosaurs died off and their souls became trapped within wicked trading cards. They were just buying their time waiting for their souls to be released so they could rule the planet earth again.

This is the quest that Brian and Kevin are working towards, trying to stop the dinosaur souls from being released from the cards and back into bodies. If their souls are returned back into their bodies the dinosaurs could bring havoc back on the earth's inhabitants. The quest involves defeating the dinosaurs in the planet trading card game wars. First, the boys must start as newbie duelers then continue to play the war games until they become champion duelers of the planet. The quest gets tougher for the duelers. They must draw strength from each other. Many duels with other good warriors stand in between them and their goal.

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Published: 2006-12-01 19:38:02

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