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Pug Puppy
Genre: General
By missyw
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Last weekend at my grandparent's house, I was playing with my younger cousin. We were playing with my new little brown and black pug puppy. She is so cute. Her name is Peanut. She is a snuggle-bunny except when she's running around in circles chasing a toy like today.

For a few moments, someone at the front door distracted us. As we were going back to play with Peanut we realized that she had disappeared. We looked in my grandparent's bedroom. We looked under the bed. My cousin thought she saw her! But, it was just my grandpa walking by. We went into the guest bedroom, she wasn't there. Then we checked the bathroom. Peanut was still nowhere to be found.

As we were walking down the hall my grandmother called us for lunch. So we went into the dining room and there was Peanut standing in a chair with her front paws on the table eating my grandma's peach cobbler! I was glad that we found her. But she was a naughty pug puppy.

Luckily, the puppy had only eaten a small portion of the cobbler. The two girls grabbed a plate and placed it beside the cobbler. Then they smear the cobbler juice from the spoon onto the plate. Surely, this would fool grandma into thinking that one of them had eaten some of the yummy peach cobbler.

Then the girls raced back to the bathroom in order to clean the evidence off the pug puppy. The puppy squirmed because she did not like to get wet. Finally, the puppy was clean and the girls returned to the dinning room. There was their grandma standing beside the peach cobbler. She questioned the girls about the cobbler. She knew that the girls had not eaten any of the cobbler because there wasn't a fork on the plate. So the girls explained in detail what the puppy had done. Grandma was not upset. But, she did instruct the girls to just tell her upfront next time and not to try to hide what the precocious pug puppy had done.

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Published: 2006-11-30 19:35:03

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