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First Spring Rain
Genre: General
By missyw
 2.79 of 5

Today is the first rain of the season. You know that first spring rain after the winter weather has passed. This is a joyous time of the year for all things plants, animals and people. The first rain is always a breath of fresh air. Pausing for just a minute I start to reflect the rain of yesteryear. There are very distinct and pleasant smells that come with the first rain of the year.

Seeing the rain falling from the sky makes me feel like dancing. I see raindrops everywhere. From my eyes I can see everything is covered with rain. Taking a long walk in the first rain of the season is an opportunity that I would never miss. I enjoy playing in the rain. There are rain puddles all around my house. Jumping and splashing in the puddles is fun. I love to splash my friends when they stand to close to the puddles. Even after the rain has stopped I will stand under a tree just to feel the water drop from the leaves.

Into the night, the rain continues to come down from the sky. Sleeping with a soft rain falling from the sky is such a cozy and relaxing experience. Even when the it has subsided, everything feels so refreshed after the first spring rain.

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Published: 2006-11-24 12:59:24

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