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Santa's Sleigh
Genre: General
By britney
 2.6 of 5

It was the night before Christmas. Santa Claus was getting some rest before his long journey. In front of the fireplace Mrs. Claus is sewing on Santa's suit. The elves were busy making toys. The reindeer were outside practicing flying. Everyone was so busy preparing for Christmas.

Mrs. Claus was finished sewing just in time. She woke Santa and he slipped on his suit. He headed out to the sleigh. The reindeer gathered around the sleigh. The elves were bringing the bag full of toys. Everybody and everything was ready when Santa noticed that the sleigh runner was broken. Santa just knew this would cause him to miss delivering the Christmas present.

The elves rushed to their workshop and returned with all sorts of tools. In no time the elves had repaired the sleigh runner. Now Santa would be able to make all of his Christmas deliveries.

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Published: 2007-12-16 17:37:56

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