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Pet Store Pals
Genre: General
By lisat
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Peanut and Jelly are best friends since they had arrived at the pet store. Peanut is a peppy puppy and Jelly is a cuddly kitten. At the pet store, they stayed in cages next to each other. The cages were a cozy place for the two pets but they both wished for a home with a loving family. The two friends often talked about being bought by the same family and living together in the same home. However, that dream would be almost impossible.

One day a boy and his dad came into the pet store and purchased Peanut. They also purchased an adjustable collar for the puppy. The boy would not leave the store without getting some dog treats and a rawhide. As the boy and his dad were leaving the pet store with Peanut there was a sense of sadness for both of the animals. Peanut and Jelly were being separated and they knew that they would miss each other.

The next weekend a girl and her mother came into the pet store and purchased Jelly. They also purchased a soft, comfortable and stylish collar for Jelly. For her new cat, the young girl picked out a toy mouse and a package of small tennis balls for the cat to play with. The woman told the pet store owner that her husband had bought their son a puppy named Peanut last week. Their daughter had asked all week for a pet of her own. Now Peanut and Jelly are back together again.

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Published: 2006-11-23 12:57:42

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