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Snowdrift Tunnel
Genre: General
By tede
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There was a young boy who lived at the edge of a mountain range with his parents. The house that they lived in was small with only a front door and three windows. They usually had received several feet of snow by this time of the year. However, this absolutely no snow had fallen.

Then one night a winter storm moved into the mountain range. It finally started to snow. In the morning the boy went outside. He looked up at the sky. He saw little snowflakes. However, the snowflakes stated to get bigger and bigger and it continued to snow and snow. The wind picked up and started creating a deep snowdrift up against his little house. The snowdrift got deeper and deeper.

The little boy decided to start shoveling. So he shoveled until his mom called for him to come inside to eat. The snow continued to fall while he ate. After finishing his meal he headed back outside.

He looked at the snowdrift up against his little house. It kept getting deeper. The little boy began to shovel some more. He kept shoveling and shoveling and the snowdrift got deeper and deeper. It was snowing so hard that he could not keep up. The sun finally set behind the mountain so his mom called him in. He headed straight to bed.

In the morning the young boy started to go outside. But he could not open the door. The snowdrift had built up so high that it was blocking the door. So he opened a window and started digging a tunnel upwards. Once he reached to top he began to dig down towards the door. After working all morning he finally reached the door. His mother was so thankful for he had saved them from being trapped inside their house.

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Published: 2007-12-13 17:31:27

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