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Santa's Sick
Genre: General
By lisat
 2.23 of 5

Mrs. Claus was helping Santa to get ready for Christmas when she asked "Santa how are you doing?" "I'm not feeling so good," Santa answered. "I'll call the doctor," said Mrs. Claus. "Ok," Santa responded in a course voice.

Later the doctor walked into Santa's bedroom. "Open your mouth so I can take a look," the doctor stated. "Hum, ok I see, oh my, oh dear," mumbled the doctor. Mrs. Claus could not stand it and asked, "What is it?" "He has a cold," answered the doctor. "Oh dear how can deliver presents all around the world," said Mrs. Claus. "Well he will just have to skip Christmas this year," the doctor told her. "Thank you for coming doctor," Mrs. Claus said. "Your welcome Mrs. Claus. Santa, I hope you get to feeling better," the doctor said as he left.

"I can't miss Christmas," said Santa, as Mrs. Claus walked back into the room. "You can go and I'll go with you. But you'll have to bundle up really well," Mrs. Claus said. So Mrs. Claus helped Santa deliver presents.

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Published: 2007-12-09 17:23:28

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