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Jaguar Tracking
Genre: General
By outdoorsman
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Trekking deep into the South American rain forest, John and his crew were on the trail of a jaguar. John's crew was made up of two other Americans, Tim and Adam, and four indigenes men. The hunting party was moving very rapidly through the jungle. There are many dangers hidden in the South American rain forest. Suddenly Tim hollered out in pain. John looked up to see the poisonous snake slither away in the jungle. Tim had grabbed the snake thinking it was a tree limb. With a quick strike the snake had injected its poisonous venom into Tim arm. John called off the hunt because he knew they had to get Tim back to a hospital quickly or he would die.

After getting Tim checked into the hospital. John started to think about his approach to hunt the mysterious jaguar. He also knew he had just lost his best tracker for a while. At least he hoped that Tim would recover. The American Zoo wouldn't wait forever for him to capture a jaguar. Once John got word from Tim's doctors that he was in stable condition, the crew geared back up and headed back into the rain forest.

This time John relied on two of the older indigenes men to be the trackers. These men had lived in the rain forest for many years. They relied on hunting for their survival, so they moved through the jungle with ease. Soon they picked up some tracks of a large jaguar. Knowing it would be difficult to spot a jaguar during the day they just wanted to be in the hunting area of the jaguar. Then they would wait for night time to try and shoot the jaguar with a tranquilizer dart. The two men stopped and told John that they should wait here. So the entire crew cleared a spot on the ground and just waits for the sun to set. Just sitting on the ground in a rain forest is risky, because there are so many crawling creatures on the floor of a rain forest. Sting ants, scorpions and poisonous snake are just a few of these creatures.

When the sun started setting it quickly became completely dark. The indigenes men knew it was not safe to be in the jungle at night. It didn't take long before the crew heard a low growl, it was the jaguar. The growl moved in circles around the men. The jaguar was stalking them. John held the spotlight just waiting to turn it on at the right moment. If he turned it on to quick the jaguar would disappear into the jungle. Adam stood next to John with the dart gun in his hands. Adam was ready to fire at any moment. The entire hunting party was nervous. However, their adrenalin kept them on their toes.

The low growling sounds stopped as quickly as it had started. The men were poised to react, but nothing happened. John started to tell the men that the jaguar was probably spooked and had left the area. Suddenly a roaring growl thundered through the darkness. John switched the spotlight on and pointed it into the direction of the noise just in time for the men to see the jaguar leaping down from a tree above them to the ground. Adam quickly raised the dart gun a fired. Pop the dart hit the jaguar in the right shoulder. The jaguar staggered off into the darkness. The hunting party followed the jaguar. John was having a difficult time keeping the light on the jaguar. Finally the jaguar fell onto its side. The tranquilizer had taken affect.

The indigenous men quickly loaded the jaguar into the cage. The hunting party would wait for first light before heading back to their main camp. John sighed in relief. His team had captured the prize animal for the zoo. John knew all the men would be rewarded handsomely for the dangerous work they had done.

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Published: 2007-11-28 13:15:48

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