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Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Genre: Non-Fiction
By girl15
 2.9 of 5

Hurray! Hurray! The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade is coming down the street. Come one decorated float come all. Some of the floats were huge as we stood along side the street. My coat was buttoned tight to protect me form the cold wind. Some of the cartoon characters have big feet. Some have feet that are small. My favorite float was Peanuts. Snoopy was floating in the air above the float. He was a giant and had his red fighter pilots hat on. Goggles were strapped around the red fighter pilots hat. Snoopy also had his binoculars hanging around his neck. Charlie Brown, Lucy and the other Peanut characters were dancing on the float.

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Published: 2007-11-23 07:42:43

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