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Missing Turkey on Thanksgiving
Genre: General
By girlone
 2.7 of 5

Once there was a man who ordered a turkey over the Internet two weeks before Thanksgiving. When it arrived the day before Thanksgiving it was a live turkey. He released the turkey in his barn for the night.

The next morning he went out to the barn and discovered that the turkey was missing. After searching the entire barn for the missing turkey, he gave up and went back to his house. He was disappointed that his family would not have turkey for Thanksgiving. The family had their Thanksgiving feast with ham instead. Several times during Thanksgiving Day the man searched the barn. But there was not turkey to be found.

On the day after Thanksgiving the man went to the barn and there was the turkey. The missing turkey had just reappeared. The turkey lived out it life on the man's farm. However, the turkey mysteriously disappeared on Thanksgiving Day.

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Published: 2007-11-18 13:41:34

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