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Thanksgiving Day Feast
Genre: General
By jene
 2.39 of 5

Thanksgiving time at my grandparent's house is always fun. Sitting at the dining table and waiting for everyone else to get seated. Listening to my grandpa say a prayer to the Lord. As always it's going to be a long one on Thanksgiving Day. Finally he's done and everyone starts to focus on the food. Turkey and dressing, scalloped potatoes, dinner rolls, broccoli and cheese, green beans and corn are passed around the table until everyone has been served. Plates all filled up and everyone starts to eat. For a short time quit and calm is abound. Everyone one was busy chewing this delicious Thanksgiving Day feast. Before long the talking picks back up. The trick is not to eat so much that there is no room for dessert. Desserts are pumpkin pie and lemon meringue pie. Everyone waddles away from the Thanksgiving Day feast.

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Published: 2007-11-14 13:36:39

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