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Pumpy the Pumpkin
Genre: Children's
By girl5
 2.62 of 5

Once upon a time there was a pumpkin named Pumpy. It was sad because the color of its skin. It was green and not orange like all the other pumpkins. The only pal Pumpy the pumpkin had was Pumk, a little light orange pumpkin. Pumk was the only one who cared about Pumpy the pumpkin. The Pumpy the green pumpkin was the youngest pumpkin in the patch. Only after time Pumpy's color turned to a bright orange. Pumpy turned into the brightest pumpkin in the patch. The Fall Festival best pumpkin prize went to Pumpy. Pumpy the Pumpkin could not rush growing up. The pumpkin blossomed only overtime, so be patient while you are growing up.

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Published: 2007-10-18 18:21:37

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