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Short Cut Accident
Genre: General
By boy2
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Our family went on a camping trip one summer weekend. My sister and I got to take our bike. There was a little country store at one end of the camping area; we really liked riding our bikes to the store. We always got those little packages of cheese and crackers. One afternoon, my sister and I decided to ride our bike to the store. My sister told me she had found a short cut. So she convinced me that we should take the short cut. My sister went half way down the long scary path. The pathway was narrow path with overgrown brush on both sides. Then I got the courage and started down the trail. I was going to fast and I tried to put on my brakes. Then I crashed into the large rocks at the end of the path. I flew forward and over the handlebars of my bike landing into the gravel parking lot in front of the store. When we got back to our camping site I showed my mom my gravel scrap. She put a big bandage over it. It really hurt.

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Published: 2007-10-14 18:16:44

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