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Dolphin Paradise
Genre: General
By missyw
 2.53 of 5

The water washes my hair back off my face as I surface. A bottle-nosed dolphin jumps out of the water and over my head. I dive back down into the ocean hoping to get a glimpse of the dolphin. Nowhere in sight so I surfaced again. This time a light gray fin of a bottle-nosed dolphin brushed against me. Back down into the ocean I went. Again I could not locate the dolphin under the salt water. Back to the waters surface again, this time the dolphin's face appeared in front of me. I took my snorkeling fins off and threw them into the boat. Up the ladder I climbed over into the boat. I sat back and watched the dolphins put on a show. One after another the dolphins jumped out of the water and into the bright sunlight. I watched for several hours until the sun started to set. Starting the boat and heading back to shore the dolphins followed along jumping at bow. This is truly paradise.

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Published: 2007-10-12 19:13:32

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