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Lonesome Dog
Genre: Non-Fiction
By wats
 2.68 of 5

One Saturday afternoon we went out in the country to pickup an old garage my dad had purchased. After locating the old garage, it was in the middle of nowhere. My dad yelled "Kelly, Craig come here!" So we went and peeked into the wooden garage. There was a little dog. The little dog is mostly is white with some brown and black spots. Kelly asked, "Can we keep her?" My dad said, "If no one claims her in three days." Three days passed with out anyone claiming her. We got to keep the dog. We took care of her. She is a great little dog and we named her Lonesome because she looked so lonesome when we found her. We are not sure what breed of dog she is. But she is so nice and the whole family loves her.

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Published: 2007-10-09 19:09:05

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