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Scarecrow on Halloween
Genre: General
By girl5
 2.06 of 5

Nancy lived out in the country and twice a week her mother had to work late so she would walk the mile home by herself. Since the beginning of school she had notice a scarecrow in the neighbor's field. I was the creepiest scarecrow she had ever seen. As it turned out Nancy had to walk home on Halloween. Passing the neighbors farm Nancy noticed that the scarecrow was missing. Goosebumps quickly appeared on Nancy's arms as she though about the missing scarecrow. Where could it be she wondered? Nancy continued on to her house. Her two birddogs, Buck and Boss, met her at the road in front of her house. The dogs' meeting her was as usual, however the scarecrow in the front yard was not! That's were the neighbors missing scarecrow end up. How could the scarecrow have gotten there, Nancy though to herself. She sat down beside the road and waited for her father to get home. Nancy was not about to go near that scarecrow. When her father came home he took the scarecrow back to the neighbor's field. Nancy never figured out how the scarecrow got to her yard, but she never walked home again.

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Published: 2007-10-08 16:43:32

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