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Sisters First Halloween
Genre: General
By girl5
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This Halloween was my little sisters first time going trick-or-treating. She was a baby. She wore a diaper, sleeper and carried a pacifier. She really liked dressing up. That night we got in the car and went to our grandparent's house. My mom did not tell them what were going to dress up as. So my dad let us out a few houses away from their house. Then we knocked on the door and said, "trick or treat". It did not take my grandmother very long to know who we were, so she let us in. It was a lot of fun showing them our costumes. My little sister giggled the whole time. Then my mom and dad came in also. We ate some candy and then we went trick-or-treating down the street. My little sister was a little scared, but she really enjoyed it.

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Published: 2007-10-02 16:23:45

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