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Mouse in My Room
Genre: General
By jene
 2.28 of 5

Once there was a mouse that moved into my bedroom. The not so little mouse was so scary. It had dark gray fur and hid out under my bed. Sometimes it would run under my dresser. A couple of times I saw it running into my closet. I was afraid to put on my shoes.

One day I became so tired of being afraid so I decided to hit the scary mouse with my brother's tennis racket. I would have never tried this before. So, I grabbed the tennis racket, got on my bed and waited for the mouse to show itself. Finally, the little creature came out from under my bed and stopped. I swung the tennis racket hard, but missed the mouse by inches. The mouse ran out the door of my room. It had disappeared. I was glad that the little gray mouse left my room. I don't like mice because they are so gross. Unfortunately, I know the mouse is still somewhere in my house.

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Published: 2007-09-18 06:04:48

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