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Friends Forever
Genre: Non-Fiction
By jene
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The last day of school in 1996 was the last day to see Ann, my best friend. I've known her since I was in the first grade. We went all the way through elementary school together. Ann was the first and best friend I ever had. She was moving to another state and it was so far away that I probably wouldn't ever see her again. I was very sad to see her leave. So, on the last day of school my mom allowed Ann to come over to my house for one last time. We had a little party in my room. We danced just like we had done many times before. We spent some time just talking. Then Ann's mom came to pick her up. We gave each other goodbye presents so we wouldn't forget each other. Then we said, "goodbye" and gave each other a big hug. Now, I'm sad and lonely.

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Published: 2007-09-13 05:56:43

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