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Confident Chicken
Genre: Children's
By kid1
 2.05 of 5

Dee was a spunky little chicken. She was such a pretty chicken with dark redish-brown feathers. Yet Dee was still just a little chick. She grew to a full size hen within the few years that she lived in the hen house. Eventually the farmer's wife allowed Dee out of the hen house and into the yard. Dee was so excited that she ran all around the yard as quickly as possible.

Dee's mother wasn't so sure that Dee was ready for the yard. But she could not stop Dee from growing up. Dee started to realize the dangers of being in the yard. There was a big black cat that stalked the chickens in the yard. Dee had confidents in herself and did not let the cat bother her. The big black cat approached Dee. Without hesitating, Dee squawked, flapped her wings and ran towards the cat. The cat crouched down, so Dee pecked the cat on the head sending the cat off to hide under an old bucket. The big black cat never returned to the yard as long as Dee, the confident chicken, was around.

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Published: 2007-09-09 05:51:09

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