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Finicky Cat
Genre: Non-Fiction
By girl5
 2.71 of 5

My family's favorite pet is a cat. Her name is Mini-Mouse-Catcher but we just call her Mini for short. She is about one year old and she is dark-brown and black in color. Our cat has to be the most spoiled cat in the history of the world. If she does not like what we put in the food dish, she will make the low growl noise until we remove it. My mom has to be very careful about what kind of cat food she buys. She has laid claim to my dad's favorite chair and will hiss when you try to move her. Even though she is more spoiled than I am, I still love her. My family would never get rid of her because she is our pet. My nickname for her is finicky.

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Published: 2007-09-07 05:48:12

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