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Genre: General
By outdoorsman
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It was a cool mourning and the just a slight breeze. Bill jumped out of his dad truck with his cousin Jake following close behind. The two boys unloaded the canoe from the back of the truck and headed for the river.

The boys waved bye to Bill dad as they started paddling down the river. "I'll meet you down river this after noon," Bill's dad yelled. The boys were excited about being on the water and started with a fast pace.

Bill and Jake stopped along the riverbank for lunch. Then they headed back into the water. By late afternoon, they had reached their pickup spot. However, Bill's dad was not there as he had promised. Therefore, they took the canoe out of the water and found a clear spot in the grass under a tree. They would wait for him to come.

As it started to get dark, the boys climbed into the canoe and used their life-jackets for cover. At first, the boys were scared, but they were so tired of rowing all day that they soon fell asleep. Before long, a flashlight was shining on the boys.

Both of the were startled. "Boys it me." Bill's dad said. The boys were relieved that it was him and not someone else. "My truck broke down just after I left you boys this mourning. So I grabbed my flashlight and tent and started walking here." Bill's dad said. "I'm just glad you made it," Bill responded. "We'll sleep here tonight and go for help in the mourning," Bill's dad said. So, the three pitched the tent beside the canoe. Then they climbed in and quickly fell asleep from pure exhaustion.

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Published: 2007-08-23 13:22:34

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