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Knight's Castle
Genre: Fiction
By tede
 2.48 of 5

The knight awoke suddenly. He was startled as the lighting flashed and the thunder boomed in the dark sky. The knight ran out into the courtyard of the medieval castle. He yelled in anguish, because the castle's drawbridge was shaking. The knight's large friend ran out with a sword in hand. He carried the sword so easily. The drawbridge was pulled down.

On the other side, a captain from the army gave orders, "This our chance. The castle is ours!" The army charged in through the drawbridge. They waved their weapons with shrilling war cries.

Inside the sleeping quarters, the other knights awoke. They grabbed their weapons and rushed out side to join the battle.

The knight's friend lashed out left and right with sword in hand. Pools of blood layered the ground. Knights trudge through the bodies of the dead.

The army was just too much for the knights. Within a few hours there was only one knight left. He threw down his weapon. The leader of the army stepped forward. He said, "Let this be a sign of our victory. The army chopped off the head of the knight. The castle was lost.

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Published: 2007-08-22 13:18:57

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