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Cabin Hideout
Genre: Adventure
By outdoorsman
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We walked down into the mountainous brush and across the rope bridge. The river was flowing fast and furious. I just held onto the rope and hoped that it would hold until I got to the other side.

Once we were on the other side we paused for a moment to get our bearings. Then we were energetically off again going at a angle up the mountain. We squeezed between two rocks and climbed up the mountain. The rocky terrain had many obstacles. Our footing was not so sure all the time. After curving around a large bolder and ducking under a low growing tree, we finally spotted the cabin on the ledge above.

The cabin was made out of logs and looked rustic. Off to the right We circled up and around to the cabins only door. After clearing the cobwebs out we began to make ourselves at home in the cabin hideout.

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Published: 2007-08-21 13:13:43

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