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Mystery of the Haunted Scarecrow
Genre: Mystery
By detective
 2.68 of 5

John just knew his house was haunted. He sat at the breakfast table telling his mom, "I saw a spooky scarecrow outside my window last night." His mother started to respond, "You know there is not such" when John's older brother Henry barged in the kitchen door from outside. With a loud bang, he slammed the door behind him. Henry kicked off his shoes. "Henry, you better not leave those muddy shoes there," his mother said.

She then turned back to John. "Ghost aren't real. So the scarecrow and our house can't be haunted." she said. "I know there not real but I saw the scarecrow and it was moving back and forth. Then it started make weird sounds," John stated. Looking out the kitchen window into the backyard John yelled, "That's the scarecrow!" "Come on I'm going to show you that is not haunted," his mother said. John followed close behind his mother as they went out into the backyard.

She picked up the scarecrow and shook it. "See its just straw and old clothes," she said. John let go of his mother and went to his bedroom window. "Look there are footprints under my window seal. I knew something was there last night," John said. His mother walked over to the window and looked down at the shoe imprints in the mud. "Um I think I know why that scarecrow was outside your window." she said. "Why?" John asked. "Don't your remember me scolding Henry for taking off his muddy shoes in the kitchen. Your brother was trying to scare you." John's mother said. Just then Henry came out into the backyard laughing and said "Ha! Ha! I scared you." "Maybe so but we figured it out," John responded.

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Published: 2007-08-14 08:34:47

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