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Alien Trip
Genre: General
By kid1
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Last June, we were going on a trip to Quartz Mountain. We were going hiking and rock-climbing. I thought it would be the best trip ever, wow was I wrong!

The first night, I heard a strange noise that I believed had to be the wind. The following night, the noises were louder and got louder until I saw strange objects in the sky.

I left the safety of my tent and went to checkout what it was, there was, standing in front of me, an alien. The alien reached out and grabbed me. I called out to my father, but more aliens appeared. The aliens grabbed my father, uncle and my two cousins. They took us up to the to top of the mountain and there was a huge spaceship with lights around the outer edge.

The aliens pushed us inside and put us in a dimly lit chamber. After a few minutes, space began to zip by. It seemed like we were traveling at the speed of light. It appeared as if we were heading towards Mars. Danny, my oldest cousin, was so scared, tears started to roll down his cheeks. Brian, my youngest cousin, was yelling for help!

After spending only a short time on another planet, we were pushed back into the spaceship. Then we were zipped back across space to earth. In a flash, we were standing in front of our tents. We all stood there for a couple of minutes. Then with out speaking a word we began to gather up all of our camping supplies. After everything was packed into the 4-wheel drive truck, we headed for home.

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Published: 2006-11-10 15:37:25

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