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Signal Flasher
Genre: General
By joer
 2.14 of 5

A call came over Joe two-way radio "Mayday! Mayday! This is flight 123. We are having engine trouble and need to have an emergence landing". Joe responded but the pilot could not hear him. So he strapped the large blue backpack Signal Flasher onto his back and put the radio headset on. It was big and bulky but not as heavy as it looked. He moved out into the darkness and positioned himself at the end of the crude mountain top landing strip. He waited in the windy night until he could hear the plane approaching. Then Joe switched the Signal Flasher on and started sending Morse code with the red light. This illuminated the entire runway. The pilot land the small aircraft on the rough mountain top landing strip. Joe and the Signal Flasher saved the pilot and crew of the airplane.

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Published: 2007-08-07 08:20:01

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