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Fourth of July Parade
Genre: Fiction
By lisat
 2.7 of 5

It was the Fourth of July, Joan and her friends Kim and Carol were excited about riding their horses in the parade. As usual it was very hot outside, the temperature had to be around 100 degrees. The Fourth of July parade was the biggest of the year. It started just outside the city limits and ended at the rodeo grounds. The rodeo wouldn’t start until dusk.

Joan, Kim and Carol could already feel a lather starting to build up on their horses. Just as the girls finished getting their horses ready, the parade began to start. All three horses were decorated the same. The each had ribbons in their mane and tail. Joan's horse was decorated with red ribbons, Kim's horse had white ribbons and Carol's horse was dressed in blue ribbons. Carol's and Kim's horses were somewhat jumpy but Joan's seamed pretty calm.

They followed a small tractor pulling a flat bed trailer. They tried to keep a little distance from the trailer because begin to get a little nervous if they followed to close. As we got close to the end of the parade, near the rodeo grounds, a boy they went to school with pitched a firecracker at the feet of Joan's horse. The horse reared up a little. Now all three of the horses were jumpy. That was such a mean thing to do. However, it didn't surprise the girls that the boy would do such a thing. After the parade was over the horses were still jittery. The girl's dads had a little trouble getting the horses back into the trailer. Once the horses were back home and in their stalls, they began to clam down. The girls really enjoyed the Fourth of July parade even after the one bad unpleasant incident.

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Published: 2007-07-04 09:55:20

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