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James Ritty
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James Ritty (1837-1918)

James Ritty was born in Dayton, Ohio in the year 1837. Ritty was the first to patent the cash register.

James Ritty operated a saloon in the 1880's. His first attempt at creating a machine to keep track of sales in his saloon was a total failure. The machine was inaccurate. The second model was not much better. Neither of first two models were ever marketed, but the third one was. Ritty had improved the machine by adding a roll of paper to record the clerk's sales. The cash register punched holes into the paper. The paper had columns for cents and dollars.

Ritty eventually sold the patent for the machine in 1882 to John H. Patterson. Patterson realized the potential of the machine. In the following years, Patterson founded the National Cash Register Company and became very successful at selling cash registers.

I died in 1918 and was buried at the Woodland Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio.

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Published: 2007-05-30 15:29:51

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