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Roanoke Colony
Genre: Encyclopedia
By encyclo
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The Roanoke Colony was the first English colony in the New World. The mystery of Roanoke took place between the years 1587-1590. John White, the Governor of Virginia, and 116 English women men and children went to settle Roanoke Virginia. A community was started, crops were planted, and the first English baby was born in the new world. However, the crops failed and John White was sent back to England for more supplies in 1587. He made several attempts to return to Roanoke, but was not successful until 1590. When he returned to Roanoke, the only remains of the community were a few bones and some burned down houses. There was also a stake with the word Croatoan carved into it. What occurred during John White's absence has never been figured out.

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Published: 2007-05-01 14:02:44

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