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Geronimo was born in what is now southern Arizona in 1829. His Indian name was Goyathly, meaning the one who yawns, he was given the name Geronimo by the Mexicans. He rose to be chief of the southern Chiricahua band of the Apache nation. Geronimo and his band of warriors made many raids on settlements in Mexico. In 1876, the U.S. government put the Apache's on an Indian reservation in Arizona. Geronimo lead a group from the tribe on the reservation and settled in the Sierra Mountains in Mexico. From there he, along with some warriors, mad raids into the U.S. He did this for about a decade. Surrendering once only to escape a short time later. In 1886 he had grown tired of battling the U.S. military and surrendered. Him and his people were sent to live on a reservation in Florida. The group was later moved to Fort Sill, Oklahoma. This is where he died in 1909.

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