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Leaving the Nest
Genre: Children's
By kid1
 2.79 of 5

Once there was two little brother birds who had never left the nest before. One was named Grouch, and one was named Flier. One day they started arguing about who would leave the nest first and get hurt. Grouch said, "You are." "No, I'm not," replied his brother bird Flier. "Yes it will be you!" Grouch shouted back.

"Let's stop arguing," said Flier. "I do not want to," said Grouch. So, Flier stopped arguing. But, Grouch continued to argue until he could speak no more.

The next day was the third day of spring, when little birds all over the world would start to fly from their nests, so when they woke up they started to argue until Flier couldn’t stand it anymore and jumped from the nest, and Grouch yelled, "Ha ha! I told you were going to leave the nest first."

A few days passed, Grouch became lonely in the nest by himself so he to jumped from the nest. By that time, Flier had mastered the art of flying, so he helped Grouch with his flying. Then Flier said to Grouch, "Do you promise to never be grouchy again?" Grouch said, "Oh, all right," and from that day on, he stopped being so grouchy.

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Published: 2006-10-26 05:35:27

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