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Henry Ford
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Henry Ford (1863-1947)

Henry Ford was an American engineer and industrialist who improved manufacturing techniques when he introduced the assembly line to automobile production, revolutionizing factory production.

Henry Ford was born in 1863. From a young age he loved working with machines. At a young age he worked at an electric power plant. After early work as a machinist, Ford built a gasoline engine in 1893.

Ford built his first car in his own backyard. At the age of 36, he started selling cars full time. Every model he made contained a different letter, for example, the Model A. His idea of making cars that everyone could afford helped make him a successful car manufacturer. Ford designed a conveyor system for his assembly line enable Ford Motor Company to produce half of the world's automobiles in the early 20th century. This type of production greatly reduced the amount of time taken to put each car together.

Henry Ford died in 1947 when he was 83.

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