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Paul Dunbar
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Paul Laurence Dunbar was born in Dayton, Ohio on June 27, 1872 and died on 1906. Paul Dunbar was famous for being an African-American poet. It was a bad time for him to be born for they had just freed the African-Americans. Some of his poems include: "Ode to Ethiopia", "Sympathy", and "The Crisis." Some of his most famous poems were written in slave dialect, which is how slaves talked on the plantation. A few of them are: "The Party" (one of my favorites), "A Negro Love Song", "Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back", and "Little Brown Baby." He had poem books too, some of them are: Oak and Ivy, Majors and Minors, and Lyrics of Lowly Life. He also wrote one novel, The Uncalled, which is a light, romantic novel. He also started a newspaper called "The Dayton Tattler". It did not do so well and was canceled quickly.

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Published: 2007-03-12 05:37:06

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