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Hungry Swimy
Genre: Children's
By kid1
 2.67 of 5

Once there was a fat little goldfish named Swimy. One day Swimy and his two younger brothers were going into a shallow area of the cove to play. They would not have to worry about bigger fish bothering them in the shallow cove.

When they got to the cove, Swimy saw a little minnow swimming all around. Swimy was getting hungry, so he was going to eat the little minnow. His brothers told him not to but he did not listen. He swam after the minnow in full speed. The minnow was faster and swam into a small hollowed out log. Swimy was to fat and hurt his fin when he tried to follow the little minnow into the log. He started to cry.

His brothers swam back home and told their mother what had happened. Their mother was very upset at Swimy for trying to eat a harmless little minnow. The minnow's mom was upset also. So, Swimy’s mother had a talk with the minnow's mother and Swimy had to apologize for trying to eat the little minnow.

Soon the minnow, Swimy and his two brothers became good friends. Swimy never tried to harm or eat a minnow again, but he did enjoy playing chase with the minnows ever now and then.

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Published: 2006-10-25 05:34:54

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