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Delaware (Indian tribe)
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Delaware Indians are also known as the Lenape Indians. The Delaware were both hunters and farmers. They wore animal skins as clothing. The Delaware lived off the land by eating berries, corn, poultry and vegetables.

The Delaware Indians were very religious. They worshipped turkeys, turtles, and wolves. The symbol of a wolf was tattooed onto the stomach of the oldest child in each family to maintain the religion. Delaware Indians lived in longhouses, which were made out of mud, straw, dried leaves, grass, stones, and sticks.

Delaware Indians were incredible fighters with all types of weapons such as bone hooks, clubs, bows and arrows, and nets. They were also a big help to explorers and colonists. They gave the explorers careful directions, and they traded food and furs for weapons with colonists.

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Published: 2007-03-06 05:32:11

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