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Halloween Haunted House
Genre: Fiction
By 0007
 2.55 of 5

As a tradition, my dad always takes us to the haunted house in town. The haunted house was still in the old run down motel, so my dad is going to take my friend and me.

After picking up my friend, my dad was telling us that Jason the killer was at the haunted house. He heard this person from town saying, "Be careful when you get to the room with the strobe lights!" He also told us to watch out for Rose Mary’s baby.

After purchasing our tickets, we wait in line with nervousness about what was about to happen. Finally, we entered the haunted house. It was real noise and dark. One of the first rooms that we pass through was the Rose Mary’s baby room. At first, it was not to bad there was a old woman sitting in the middle of the room in a rocking chair holding a baby. We walked around the room staying close to the walls. As we were about to exit the room, the old woman leaped from the chair and chased us out. Man did that scare me. I was not expecting that. Before entering the last room, I heard loud screams. When I got to the room there was strobe lights flashing, ever thing seem to move slowly. Jason was standing by the exit door cutting dead peoples' heads off. Other dead people were hanging on the wall by their necks.

When I came out, I was shaking. Later that night I decided that was so cool and could hardly wait for the next Halloween, so I could go back to the haunted house.

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Published: 2006-10-23 05:33:31

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