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Cesar Chavez
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Cesar Chavez was born in Arizona, in 1927. He was a Mexican-American who spoke little English. During the depression, his family lost their farm. So his poor family they moved to California in quest for work. They picked fruit and vegetables. His family continued to live in poor conditions. Their home didn't have running water or a bathroom. Cesar Chavez went to school very little because his family moved every month. He worked on farms. Later in his life, he headed the United Farm Workers (UFW) movement. He had a deep desire fairness. He encouraged people to not purchase grapes because the people growing the grapes were not fair to the migrant workers. He wanted fair wages and better housing for the farm workers. Cesar helped the poor farm workers by speaking out about how unfair the farm owners were to the workers. Cesar Chavez died in 1992.

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Published: 2007-02-01 14:02:44

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