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Fishing with Harold
Genre: Fiction
By 0007
 3.26 of 5

The day after school was out my older brother Harold woke me up at about 6:00 a.m. and said "Lets go fishing." I responded with a sleepy “No.” He continued to ask me and eventually I gave in. He wanted to go fishing for catfish. “Hey, I heard that there are a lot of catfish at the river,” he said. I think he was just trying to encourage me to hurry up. The river was about two miles down the road from our house, so we took our bikes.

As we turned off the road the property that we were on looked like private property. However, Harold assured me that it was all right to fish there. Therefore, I put it out of my mind and continued down to the river. Harold and I arrived at the riverbank just as the sun rose; we put stink bait on our hooks and cast the lines out into the river.

Harold was the first to catch a fish. Wow, I was inspired because we had only been there about ten minutes. The catfish that he had caught weighed about one pound. After being down at the river for about forty-five minutes we had caught four fish, two each. I had caught the biggest one being two pounds. Most of that forty-five minutes we spent just waiting, which was usual for fishing.

As the day began to get hot, we stopped fishing and decided to take a little swim. Suddenly a man at the top of a hill started yelling at us. I knew it this was private property. Harold and I grabbed our clothes and hopped on our bikes. We got out of there as fast as we could. I was not worried about leaving our fishing poles behind, I just wanted out of there. When we got back home, Harold said he would sneak back to the river tonight and get our fishing poles and the catfish we had caught.

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Published: 2006-10-21 05:30:06

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