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Boston Massacre
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The Boston Massacre occured on March 5, 1770 in Boston, Massachusetts. This was five years before the start of the American Revolution some colonists, who were unhappy with the way the British soldiers were treating them, attacked some of the British soldiers. The colonists did not use guns. The British soldiers fired on them, killing three colonists and injuring several others. The three that died were Crispus Attucks, Samuel Gray and James Caldwell. Two other latered died from their injuries. This was an important event which turned many of the colonists against the British government eventually ending up in the war for our freedom.

The leader of the British soldiers, Captain Preston was jailed. John Adams and Josiah Quincy Jr. successfully defended Preston in October 1770. So, Captain Preston avoided being sent to jail.

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Published: 2007-01-20 17:38:00

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