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Welcome to vCove, an internet collection of short stories by authors all over the world. We are an internet community of short story authors of all ages. Joining the community is absolutely free, just click join and start publishing your stories today. Our database contains just over 400 stories.

December Featured Stories
A Peanut Christmas
Santa's Last Christmas Visit
Old Fashion Christmas
Unusual Christmas Vacation
G.I. Joe Christmas

News  December 2023:

New! Now you select the genre of your story. This will help your readers in determining what they will read.

Please use the forum to have discussions with other authors. Posting discussions in the story section will result in it being deleted.

You can now rate a story. The rating system is on a scale of 1 to 5.

Now you can leave comments on a story. Please show respect in your comments as you would like others to show you respect. Any rude comments will be deleted. If you find inapproate comments please report them to us, so we all can enjoy a clean community.

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